The American Dream Family

Jon, Kim, and the kids are heading out for a traveling adventure!


Fun Day at the Water Zoo

Deciding to get out of Oklahoma City for the day, we decided to head down the road to Clinton, OK to spend the day at the indoor water park they have there called the Water Zoo. The kids love swimming and spending time in the water and have been bugging us lately that they really want to go swimming. So with a full Saturday open in our schedule, we headed off to the Water Zoo. [More]

Getting My Kicks on Route 66

I love great American history. You know, the history that uniquely made America stand out from all other countries and defined who we are... or at least, were. A time when people worked hard to improve their quality of life, and not just their bottom line. A time when the quality of life was vastly improving at a rapid rate from year to year, instead of being stuck in stagnation like today. While many things have helped build this country up during the 20th century, few have had as much impact as the old mother road - Route 66. [More]

OK... Ready or Not, Here we come!

The weather here is changing once again - all the leaves have fallen, the temperature is dropping, and the eminent threat of the white stuff is getting closer every day now.

So... It's time to head south!

With such a fun and successful trip we had last year, where we spent over 5 months over the winter traveling down and around Texas and back, we were immediately almost certain that we would be doing a repeat again come this winter.  And I'm glad to finally say the answer to that is...